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Every day, we are rushing to live in luxury, thinking about having fun with friends tomorrow. Obsessed with attractive woman, food, and all the senses. Fantasy can make you rich overnight, or even win the lottery jackpot. Make everything in the world revolve around human senses. Therefore, people become more and more selfish, greedy, and unreasonable.

In the past, while enjoying a rich material life, people suffered from frequent disasters, constant wars, fierce competition, family discord, difficult children to teach and so on. All kinds of social chaos have sounded the alarm for confused people, and it is time to think about it.

What are humans looking for? What do you want?

 "Happiness" I believe no one will refuse. However, what people are doing in the past is exactly the opposite of happiness, which is the root of all suffering.


The Guiyuan culture of Firstsing Company follows the natural laws of the universe, relies on the education of ancient sages and sages, and seeks the principles and methods of "self-cultivation, family harmony, governance of the country, and peace in the world" from the wisdom of sages, as the general guiding ideology of enterprise operation. Take the spirit of "altruism without self" as the core value of Guiyuan culture, follow the teachings of our ancestors, practice in daily work and study, transform them by ourselves, and spare no effort to share traditional Chinese culture with people who are destined to govern the enterprise. real interests.

Introduce the cultural thought of "home" into the operation of "Defeng" enterprise, and finally realize personal happiness, family happiness, enterprise happiness and social happiness! To contribute to a harmonious society, a peaceful and prosperous age, and the rejuvenation of China.

Guiyuan Culture is willing to share with you what we have learned from the wisdom of our ancestors, learn and grow together with you, and get rid of suffering and happiness together!

First: always treat customers with a good eye, not an evil eye.

We have to look at customers with very loving eyes. If we look at customers with this kind of eyes, we don't need to spend a penny. You just look at everyone with loving eyes, especially your own customers, colleagues and suppliers. In the future cooperation process, customers, colleagues and suppliers will be very happy.

Second: Harmony

For customers, do not frown

That is, when facing customers, your expression and complexion should be pleasant, don't always look unhappy, your face is particularly ugly, and your face is drawn to the elders.

Think about how sad it will be for the people around you to look like this. Do you hope that customers will not look good on you in the future? So, be kind, be gentle, smile at all times, and make everyone who sees you feel comfortable, happy, and reassured, especially with clients.

That is, even if you are tired or in a bad mood, you have to be kind and happy in front of customers. If we can be nice to all people, we will all look good, very beautiful, very solemn in the future.

So everyone, don't spend money to buy good reviews in the future. If you close the store and regret it too late, you should give a lot of "To be kind and happy". The evaluation effect is super good, and there are absolutely no side effects.

Third: don't speak ill

To customers, speak softly, not harsh words. What can be said, be believed.

We should speak softly and tactfully, without foul language or harsh words, and our words should be pleasing to people's hearts, especially when the target is a "customer". If we can do this, we will have good eloquence in the future, and others will listen to what we say.

If the tone of speech is very blunt, others will not like to listen to it, and if it makes sense, others will not accept it. Many people suffer from this problem. They have good intentions, and what they say is right, but because the language is not soft enough, others just don't want to listen.

Therefore, the third word of verbal giving is to ask us to speak softly and not to speak harshly. Only then can others rejoice and trust, and we don't have anyone talking about right and wrong with each other during the order process

Fourth: Respectfully worship the customer

 Show respect to customers with our body's "wish-worship". When we see a client, we get up to meet him and worship him respectfully.

"Get up first" and "sit back", when we see customers coming in, we have to stand up quickly, and we can sit down only when the customer sits down.

One of the meanings of sitting first and then sitting is "rising to welcome the worship". Treat everyone with humility and respect, and then he will grow upright and upright in the future; on the contrary, the more arrogant and rude, the less tall he will be. "People who respect people are always respected", we respect customers physically, and customers will respect us in the future.

Fifth: Be kind to customers

What I talked about earlier was eyes, face, language, and body, but now I want to talk about the heart. Although your eyes and expressions look kind and pleasant, and your language and body are respectful, if your heart is not good, it is not true giving.

When we have a sincere heart of compassion, gratitude, respect, and making offerings in our hearts, the actions we make can be regarded as giving from the heart. When you do anything, you must reflect on your own heart, whether you really have gratitude, respect, altruism, or deceit, vanity, and selfishness. If we proceed from a sincere kindness, it is an extraordinary giving.

With this kindness offering, we can "get a clear mind and not be crazy" in the future. Idiot is idiot; madness is madness. Why do some people become idiots and mentally ill? All because of the bad things in my heart. If we can make offerings with this kindness, in the future we will get all kinds of wisdom and all wisdom from our customers. Therefore, it is very important to have a kind heart!

Sixth: When you see customers, you should prepare good seats for them, or give your own seats to customers.

Give up a seat to a customer, and in every situation, we can look at the overall situation from the height of decision-making, and then analyze the benefits and risks, and come up with a way to deal with it. This kind of courage can help us avoid danger.

Seventh: Set up a good residence for customers. Some people often invite customers to live in their own homes, provide accommodation, and provide venues for activities. " By giving up one, a ten-thousandfold reward is obtained." What you give today is space and residence, and you will get bigger, better and more markets in the future.

Our eyes are kind, our expressions are pleasant, our words are soft, and our bodies are respectful when we greet prayers. These are all giving; we are kind in heart, giving up seats to customers, providing accommodation, and providing venues for activities. These do not require us to spend a lot of money on advertising, but we can also gain long-term trust from customers. We must try our best to do it.


Your eyes are your world.

The customer's world is as big as a flower!

You can spy on the rules and all of the entire world

Approaching the world of customers,

The universe of each of our colleagues is on fire,

Let us understand the importance of the market.

The kindness of customers is unforgettable, and the hymn of the new era will be sung for you.

Your heart is your universe.

The universe of each colleague is as small as a green leaf!

Waiting to unlock the secrets and future of life in the universe.

Your heart is bigger than the world, and it brings viruses and fears;

Your heart is smaller than a mote of dust, and the world will be peaceful and happy.

Customers are flowers, and the flowers are blooming; colleagues are green leaves, and the branches are lush. With one heart and one mind, we are willing to work together, thank you.